Dr. Rami Bechara

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
School of Engineering – Civil Engineering

I started my engineering studies at ESIB/USJ with the 2-year sup/spé concours curriculum. I then passed the entrance exam to the French top Engineering school Ecole Centrale Supélec, specializing in Environmental and Chemical engineering, whilst realizing two 6-month internships. I then pursued my PhD in Process Design Engineering at IFP Energies Nouvelles with Université Lyon I, and EPFL Lausanne

My research efforts have focalized on the design of innovative and sustainable systems and this in multiple fields ranging from potable water production to cell therapy medicines, bioenergy and iron ore reduction. The design methodology is based on computer aided modelling, thermo-economic evaluation and optimization. The employed computer tools were Aspen, Excel, Matlab, AutoCAD and MathCAD. This research activity has culminated in multiple conference proceedings and peer-reviewed articles.

My research interests focus on building innovative and sustainable solutions to key chemical, energetic and environmental dilemmas. In this line, I am currently working at LAU on developing models and simulations to design an optimal anaerobic wastewater treatment system, combining computer-based tools with in-house experimental results and proposed innovations. Waste management, integration of conservation and renewable energy technologies are some of my other areas of interest


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  3. Béchara, R., Hamadeh, H., Mirgaux, O., & Patisson, F. (2020). Carbon Impact Mitigation of the Iron Ore Direct Reduction Process through Computer-Aided Optimization and Design Changes. Metals, 10(3), 367.