Graduate Studies and Research


Mission & Vission

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research was created to develop and provide sustained support to interdisciplinary graduate education and research at LAU. This office will work closely with the various schools at LAU to ensure that the high standards in graduate education are met across all graduate programs at LAU.

The office coordinates closely with University graduate and research councils to provide graduate students and faculty with the necessary resources and physical infrastructure to support a diverse range of excellent quality research programs.


The GSR office envisions a well-developed administrative support structure for investigator-initiated research. This office provides monitoring for faculty and students in grant development and data analysis. It also provides guidance for fiscal support to engage in necessary pilot research, or research to enhance existing projects in innovative ways.

The GSR office continues to provide through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) internal oversight on compliance relating to the performance and ethical conduct of human and animal research, conflict of interest, and scientific misconduct. It will also provide the necessary assistance to faculty in promoting novel discoveries and associated patents and copyrights.