Education & Training

All investigators / student investigators and support staff involved in the research project must complete the on-line training for the Protecting of Human Research Participants. 

LAU is now registered with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program.  You can access the training through the CITI Home page.  Please click on “Register” and select Lebanese American University as your affiliated organization.  You can refer to the following Guidance documents to complete your registration.  If you are registered with CITI under a different organization, you can use the same log in information and add another affiliation under LAU.


Training provided by NIH on the “Protection of Human Participants in Research”  was stopped on 26 September 2018.  NIH will not be able to provide access to the course or certificate after that date. 

The LAU IRB office will still accept your NIH Certificate of Completion, if it is still valid, along with your IRB submission until December 2019.  You will not be required to take CITI if your NIH is valid, for those applying for their research projects between now and December 2019.


NOTE: All human subject training certification are valid for 3 years. Please make sure you re-take the training if 3 years have passed since the date on your Certificate of Completion.