IRB Membership Roster

As of January 2021 

Member Name Title and Affiliation Term of Appointment Member Designation
Joseph Stephan, PhD

Assistant Professor, Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine

Director, IRB office, LAU

September 2016 -present

February 2019 - present

Scientific member


Chairman, IRB
Vanda Abi Raad, MD Clinical Professor/Assistant Dean for CME, Director, Clinical Simulation Center Department of Anesthesiology, Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury  School of Medicine, LAU June 2017 - present Vice Chair IRB, Scientific member
Aniella Abi Gerges, PhD Assistant Professor, School of Medicine December 2019 - present Scientific member
Grace Dagher, PhD Associate Professor, School of Business December 2019 - present Non-scientific member
Maha Habre, DNP, RN, CEN Clinical Assistant Professor,
School of Nursing, LAU
October 2020 - present Scientific member
Abeer Hani, MD Assistant Professor and Pediatric Neurologist,
Gilbert & Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine,  LAU
January 2016 - Present Scientific member
Fr. Paul Jabbour Lady of Deliverance Church, Byblos October 2016 – present Non-Scientific and Not affiliated member
Yolande Saab, PhD Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Science, School of Pharmacy, LAU April 2019 - present Scientific member
Rami Smayra, LLM Smayra Law Office May 2019 - present Non-scientific and not affiliated member
Pia Tohme, PhD Assistant Professor, Psychology  Department, School of Arts & Sciences, LAU February 2022 - Present  Scientific member
Omar Itani, PhD Assistant Professor, Marketing  Department, School of Business, LAU February 2022 - Present Scientific member
Nour Abou Younes MS Student - Pharmaceutical Development and Management, School of Pharmacy, LAU (Ad hoc Student member) February 2022 - Present Scientific member, Non-voting member
Joelle El Agha Psychology Student -  School of Arts & Sciences, LAU (Ad hoc Student member) February 2022 - Present Scientific member, Non-voting member
Karmen Baroudy,  M.Sc., CIM IRB Lead Program Manager, LAU February 2012 - present Scientific, Non-voting member