Research Network

Dr. Ghada M. Awada

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

A Fulbright Scholar at North Carolina State University (NCSU-2016). A holder of a Ph.D. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL) and Applied Linguistics, MA in English, Teaching Diploma, BA in English in addition to a PhD in Public International Law and International Relations, Master’s degree in Public Law and a Bachelor degree in Law. The first female recipient of the AUB Service Excellence Award (2018-2019).

I have been implementing a systematic and sustained series of studies that revealed the relative superiority of democratic, intercultural-based learning(Awada,Diab& Faour, 2020),  Human Rights Education integration in the curriculum of different schools(Awada, Diab& Faour, 2018) including schools of Medicine(Awada& Al Habbal,in process). My research focuses on creating innovative Third Space mediums for all learners including the underpriviledged and marginalized ones(Awada,Ghaith& Diab, 2020; Awada& Gutiérrez-Colón, 2019). My research intends to come up with innovative models needed to motivate learners( Awada & Ghaith, 2020)and develop the cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes of instruction(Awada& Burston, 2020), including acquisition of writing skills(Awada, Burston & Ghannage, 2019) and motivation for learning, decreasing alienation(Awada& Diab, 2016).Likewise, I have been studying the challenges that hinder Women’s Economic Empowerment(Awada &Habib, 2018; Diab & Awada, 2016) and the use of CL and intercultural-based learning in different disciplines despite its proven methods and theoretical relevance (Awada, Diab& Faour, 2018).


  1.  Awada, G., Ghaith, G., & Diab, N. M. (2020). Using Third Space and Literature Circles (TSLC) as transformative pedagogy for marginalized EFL learners. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, 1-9.
  2. Awada, G., & Burston, J. (2020). Effect of learner proficiency levels on methodological effectiveness: Case of STAD and WebQuest (STADIBTM). Teaching English with Technology20(3), 63-84.
  3. Awada, G. M., Diab, H. B., & Faour, K. H. (2020). Effect of GI and Glogster on improving the intercultural communication skills in higher education. In multicultural instructional design: Concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications (pp. 576-604). IGI Global.