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Dr. Festus Bekun

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Dr. Festus Victor Bekun currently serves as an Assistant professor at Istanbul Gelisim University Turkey Istanbul Turkey, and he is also a senior research fellow at South Ural State University Russia and University of Johannesburg South Africa. More recently Dr. Bekun is also affiliated with the prestigious Lebanon American University Beirut, Lebanon as a senior research fellow. Dr. Bekun has over 200+ scientific publications indexed in WOS and Scopus index top-tier outlet and Hi-index over 40, 37 and 38 in Googlesholar Scopus and WOS index respectively. Dr. Bekun is also listed among global influential scientist as outlined by the Stanford university among global 2% influential scientists for 2021 edition available at August 2021 data-update for “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators” - Elsevier BV ( Dr Bekun research interest is in the areas of agricultural economics, energy economics, sustainability, and carbon reduction policies. Dr. works have appeared in top-tier journals including Science of The Total Environment, Energy & Environment, Journal of cleaner production, Energy & Environment, Sustainable development more recently Current Issues in Tourism, Heliyon and the prestigious renewable and sustainable energy review (RSER) Journal, among others. The author is currently serving as an associate editor to several WOS and SCOPUS index journals namely: Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, Editor-Open Agriculture, Editor- Journal of Risk and Financial Management, Guest Editor-Sustainability, Associate Editor- Journal of Public Affairs among others