Spring 2016


Faculty Subject Amount in $
Dr. Sima Tokajian Leishmaniasis in Syrian Refugees:  Incidence and Molecular Evolution  18000
Dr. Mohammad Mroueh Novel and Selective Anticancer Sesquiterepene from Lebanese Wild Carrot 20000
Dr. Rony Khnaizer Selective Targeting and High-Throughput Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer Using Folate-Receptor Alpha Biomarker 10000
Dr. Wissam Faour Role of Ghrelin hormone in the pathogenesis of padocytopathy secondary to diabetes and obesity induced glomerulopathy  20000
Dr. Christian Khalil Development of novel in vitro methods to study the cytotoxicity, immunotoxicity and genotoxicity of volatile organic chemical (VOCs) using human-derived cells 19990